Our Vision and Mission

 Harmony Enrichment Programs

In the true spirit of discovery, Harmony Public Schools-Enrichment Programs will develop culturally literate students with heightened self awareness, increased sensitivity to nuanced forms of communication and expression, and a greater respect for the physical and social boundaries of an increasingly global community.

Through the development of 21st century skills, we facilitate students on the path towards empowerment and self-reliance by providing tangible opportunities to connect STEM concepts through critical thinking and collaboration in, and outside, the arts. Our programs empower students to better grasp the competitive edge in a world that values innovative ideas, products, and designs.

South Houston Cluster Music Department

The Harmony Public Schools South Cluster Music Department endeavors to:

  • cultivate a community of cooperation, responsibility, and accountability, by
  • actively supporting the development of character and technical skill
  • through music learning
  • built upon a foundation of rigorous programming and
  • the collaboration of dedicated staff.

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